Dreniz (geomembrane) - protection of a underground part of a building against flooding by earth water

We are represents the Russian high-quality and cheap analogue of geomembranes "Fundalin" ("ONDULIN", France), Delta (DORKEN, Germany), Protefon Tex (INDEX, Italy), Tefond Drain (TEGOLA CANADESE, Italy), Blackline (MONARFLEX, Denmark). But, having also lower cost, than import analogues, Dreniz considerably exceeds them on technical parameters and efficiency of a drainage - at the expense of the special bilaterial form of a polymeric environment - as against import analogues ensuring:

  • Effective removal of earth waters from the base;
  • Additional sound and thermal isolation;
  • Opportunity of ventilation of a underground part of the bases.

dreniz without geotextile dreniz
The constructive circuit of an environment "Dreniz":
1 - the goffered polymeric sheet
2 - a filtering geotextile material

Rolled drainage protective material - the geomembrane "Dreniz" (specifications 2246-00117707235-2001), represents a design from polyvinylchloride [other firm names: viniplast (Russia), breon; korvik (Great Britain); igelit (GDR); vinidur, dekelit (Germany); viniban (Japan)] of a sheet of a special cellular structure and synthetic not weaved filtering material, fastened with it, from 100 % polypropilen.

Area of application: - Protection of a underground part of buildings and structures from flooding by earth waters. - Replacement of traditional ways of protection (waterproofing with a drainage along walls with the help of a sandy prism) on more modern and economic), - Drainage by a layer (maintained roof, road covering, floors of basement premises(rooms)).

By advantages of a geomembrane "Dreniz" there are:

- Reliable protection of the base against flooding; - Additional protection of a waterproofing against mechanical influence of rubble, stones, building dust; - The cellular structure of a polymeric sheet creates a layer of air, that allows a wall to "breathe" and is additional thermal isolation; - The filtering ability of a drainage design is defined at manufacturing and can not be changed at stacking; - The facilitated installation, is possible fast visual quality surveillance of stacking; - Reduce cost of drainage works at the expense of reduction of labour expenses and economy of natural filtering materials.

Stacking: - Dreniz is stacked by a geotextile material outside (" to water "), vertically on the base, then is horizontal on a ground up to a drainage pipe. - Imposing 10 sm, previously having lifted a geotextile material (on edges is not pasted). - To the base it is possible to attach by bitumen primer.

The price (on ) - 212.40 RUR/m2.
- If you want to use Dreniz instead of a waterproofing Tefond, Delta or other analogues (i.e. without geotextiles),
its will cost 182.90 RUR/m2
- For use on depth more than 15 metres are offered "strengthened" dreniz - 236.00 RUR/m2

More 10.000 m2 - discount 5 %.

Payment at the rate of the Central Bank of Russia (ЦБ) on the maturity day:
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